LPS DevOps Integration

Logistics Planning Services, or LPS, connects its customers with freight suppliers. The company has several custom enterprise applications for internal and customer use.

“Over a three month period, we have seen a significant reduction in expense run rate by switching to Microsoft Azure and implementing major DevOps efficiency changes. ILM’s consultant provided highly-knowledgeable guidance to our internal team and was instrumental to our success.” -Christopher Crowhurst, CTO at Logistics Planning Services

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Moved development cycle into cloud services for faster deployment

The challenge

LPS wanted to speed up its deployment cycle by moving development to a cloud environment and implementing a CI/CD process. The company’s developers were also spending a lot of time on manual tasks that could be automated by moving to cloud services.

Our solution

ILM Professional Services provided DevOps consulting to help LPS move to a cloud development environment. ILM placed one principal consultant at LPS for three months to work directly with a team of LPS developers. The company’s existing code was heavily dependent on in-house infrastructure and was not easily deployed nor was optimized for the cloud, so a few projects were retooled and built for the cloud. This allowed the team to design patterns for configuration management. ILM’s consultant helped LPS setup toolchains for continuous integration and release management and deployment across multiple environments.



At the end of the three-month project, LPS had working patterns and toolchains for converting their existing code into the new CI environment, putting them closer to a CD model. By adopting a DevOps approach to development, LPS reduced development environment costs by 66% in three months, as well as increased the efficiency of development, testing and deployment, resulting in faster speed to market.