White Label Mobile Application

ILM was hired by a SaaS company that offers a white label content platform for media publishers. The platform delivers media companies with branded mobile applications, allowing organizations to focus more on business growth and less on technology.

Console art

White label mobile application platform for media publishers

The challenge

The client's legacy mobile application had not been significantly maintained since 2008. The company needed to simultaneously provide on-going maintenance to the existing app while updating key parts of it with new technologies.

Our solution

A SaaS company contracted with ILM to have one developer quickly step in to serve as the tech lead for the back-end mobile team. The mobile team maintained the back-end for the client's large mobile application with little to no documentation. As time allowed, the team updated parts of the application with new technologies. ILM’s developer was tasked with supporting and updating the deployment process.



For 11 months, ILM’s developer led the two-person mobile team on mission-critical maintenance and update efforts. The mobile team moved the current application from one data center to managed virtual services. ILM’s developer implemented the tasks to replace the existing SOA with a microservices architecture that better conformed with the company’s technology stack and allowed for easier distribution and scaling