Patient Management Website

A healthcare foundation had field employees collecting patient information on paper, and then later entering the information into spreadsheets. The foundation needed a patient database to provide patient care and to track hearing loss trends around the world.

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Stepping in to rescue and launch a challenged project in record time

The challenge

The foundation had been working with an offshore vendor, but after two years, the project was only halfway completed with no end in sight. The foundation had a hard deadline to present the software at an international sales meeting in two months.

Our solution

Working with the original offshore development team, three ILM developers completed the Python site in time for the international sales meeting. The foundation's software technology is built on the .NET framework. After launching the Python site, the next task for ILM developers was to build a patient manager site in .NET so the foundation's internal team could manage the software going forward.



Within eight weeks, the foundation went from indefinitely waiting for their Python site to be finished to presenting the software at an international sales meeting. Then for the next 12 months, ILM developers built a reworked and enhanced .NET site. The .NET-based Patient Manager site not only includes additional features, but is easier and more affordable for the foundation's internal staff to maintain.