Westwood Asset Tracker

A provider of surveying and engineering services for commercial and residential development and utility projects, Westwood Professional Services assists clients nationwide from offices throughout the country.

“We have been working with ILM to assist Westwood with the delivery of quality software solutions to our clients. ILM has been a strategic partner in our success.” – Jeff Saucier, Director of Information Technology Services

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Modernizing and streamlining on-the-go inventory management

The challenge

Each of Westwood’s survey trucks contains hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment, each of which had to be inventoried manually every day. The existing process was cumbersome and inefficient, taking over an hour to complete. This led to frequent inaccuracies in the condition and location of equipment, with inventories happening weekly or monthly, at best.

Our solution

Working with Westwood’s stakeholders to understand their needs and priorities, we proposed a mobile app that could tie into their barcode system and streamline inventory management and communicate back to their web portal. Using two-week sprints, we maintained a development cycle that could quickly adjust to Westwood’s feedback and accommodate new requests.



Completed in only two and a half months, we were able to create an app that drastically improves Westwood’s asset tracking system. What used to take over an hour is now done in under 10 minutes, making accurate, daily inventories a reality. Each item is easily viewed and tracked online, allowing for a more efficient and informed asset management, maintenance and tracking system.