YA Promotional Website

YA, formerly known as Young America, is a marketing services company that offers promotions and positive customer experiences to help organizations promote their products and services.

“ILM’s commitment and customer-centric approach to this project was not only recognized by the YA team, but more importantly, by our client as well.” -Christopher Behrens, President and CEO at YA

Console art

Successfully launched promotional website on tight deadline

The challenge

A large telecommunications client of YA requested a website for a refer-a-friend promotional campaign that needed to integrate with the client’s website through several API calls. The project had a hard two-month deadline.

Our solution

In order to meet the hard deadline established by the client, YA added one ILM developer to a small team of developers at YA. The project was a start-from-scratch Angular website which required knowledge of the ASP.NET Web API framework. ILM’s developer created several views on the Angular website, implemented the OAuth integration with the client’s universal login and YA’s internal platform, and wrote the console application. The console application collected user information from the website, compared the collected data with the client’s database, and identified the users eligible for the promotion.



The four-person team was able to meet the two-month deadline and successfully launched the promotional site without any issues. During the first month of the promotion, 20,000 referrals were successfully entered on the website and processed by the console application. YA’s CEO praised ILM’s developer for his commitment and client-centric approach to the project.