Dow Jones Chartbuilder

Founded in 1882, Dow Jones is a publishing and financial information company, famously known for its publication of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. In addition, Dow Jones publishes and produces newspapers, websites, apps, magazines, conferences and more.

“ILM’s developers took the initiative to get things done with minimal involvement from our team. They not only contributed to the project, but recommended new features and process ideas that made the end product more successful.” - Jeff Jackson, Director of Engineering

Console art

Flexible app store platform for global financial information firm

The challenge

The company had several one-off internal tools used to create publication material, but the processes and standards with which they were developed was not uniform. Dow Jones was looking for a platform that was flexible enough for developers to build and host apps, but simple to use to ensure buy-in from both developers and end users.

Our solution

Dow Jones contracted with ILM to build an app store platform that would host internal business applications for their employees. In addition, ILM was tasked with building the first app to be hosted on the new platform — a chart building application that heavily utilized modern web technologies and data visualizations.



The application platform and the first app were launched by ILM after six months. Dow Jones internal developers quickly adapted to the new platform thanks to its efficient design. ILM was praised regarding the platforms novel approach to managing application versions and dependencies. For the chart building application, ILM developers provided design direction and decided on the app architecture. The app received positive reviews and it was used as an example project for developers who were developing an app for the new hosting platform.